Hannah Hyun Jeong


I Share My Heart With YouOil on canvas120 x 160 cm2024

Dream ChaserOil on canvas50 x 75 cm2024

The Start Of The NotesOil on Canvas30 x 30 cm2024

Destination From The NoteOil on canvas45 x 45 cm2024


Is Anybody Here, oil on canvas, 90 x 95 cm

Is Anybody HereOil on canvas90 x 95cm2023

Shedding Tears, oil on canvas, 65 x 60 cm

Shedding TearsOil on canvas65 x 60cm2023

Return To Happiness, Oil on canvas, 140 x 130cm

Return To HappinessOil on canvas140 x 130cm2023

Making it's own puddle, oil on canvas, 32x33cm, 2023

Making it's own puddleOil on canvas32 x 33cm2023

It's not a Bye, I will be Watching here.

"It's not a bye, I will be watching here."Oil on canvas120 x 100 cm2023

Gentle Floating, oil on canvas, 54 x 67 cm, 2023

Gentle FloatingOil on canvas54 x 67 cm2023

Meet You At The Other SideOil on canvas115 x 115 cm2023

BlessingOil on canvas95 x 75 cm2023

Soup From The StarsOil on canvas29 x 31 cm2023

You Can Do My HairOil on canvas135 x 165 cm2023


Open The Lights And You Won't See Me, oil on canvas, 140 x 125 cm

Open The Lights And You Won't See MeOil on canvas140 x 125cm2022

Candid Memories, oil on canvas, 24 x 28 cm

Candid MemoriesOil on canvas24 x 28cm2022

Circle With Elks, oil on canvas, 145 x 120 cm

Circle With ElksOil on canvas145 x 120cm2022

It Said, "I Will Be Here", oil on canvas, 50 x 60 cm

It Said, "I Will Be Here"Oil on canvas50 x 60cm2022

With You, The Sky Is WarmOil on canvas50 x 65 cm2022

Two Forks In The MirrorOIl on canvas45 x 45, 30 x 30 cm2022

Follow Your Acacia FlowerOil on canvas130 x 145 cm2022

Silent ConversationOil on canvas130 x 145 cm2022

Smoke DetectorOil on canvas45 x 45 cm2022

Catch The HoseOil on canvas45 x 45cm2022

Green TimeOil on canvas60 x 75 cm2022

Holding NapOil on canvas80 x 60 cm2022

Salty WaterOil on canvas60 x 90 cm2022


BathOil on canvas80 x 80 cm2021

Look BOO!Oil on canvas85 x 83 cm2021

FisherOil on canvas70 x 80 cm2021

Taste Like Swimming PoolOil on canvas100 x 80 cm2021

On My LapOil on canvas45 x 40 cm2021

FountainOil on canvas85 x 115 cm2021

DrinkingOil on canvas50 x 50 cm2021

Cucumber AttackOil on canvas80 x 85 cm2021

Open Your Eyes Under The WaterOil on canvas30 x 40 cm2021

- 2020

Uh Buh BaOil on canvas50 x 50 cm2020

NunchitbabOil on canvas40 x 50 cm2020

Tea TimeOil on canvas45 x 55 cm2018

Self ReflectionOil on canvas36 x 45 cm2018

BaguetteOil on canvas29 x 23 cm2018

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